Hi Everyone

Its time to wake up. We have all been resting since our last trip. OK, so where are we going now? Would you believe Tanzania and the Serengeti? Thats right. We depart on Monday November 4th for Amsterdam and then onto Kilimanjaro. Arrive late on Tuesday night and then spend that night and the following day in Arusha.

On Thursday November 7th, we board a small bush plane for our first Camp in the Serengeti, In all, we will be staying in four Bush camps throughout the Serengeti.

Our journey lasts until the night of November 22 and we return home on
November 23.

Why go to the Serengeti? The Serengeti is one of the great wildlife wonders of the world. We will be taking lots of pictures and visiting many ethnic and local groups. Approximately 80 % of the population of Tanzania live in rural areas. The time difference will be eight hours. After we leave Arusha, we will be off the grid. That means no internet and cellphones. The next time you will hear from me is from Arusha. As always, I will write my daily blog, but publish each day when I am back on the grid. We have all gone through this numerous times and everyone knows what I mean.

The African Bush is one of special places in the world. People say that once you get it in your blood, you always have to return. It has been about eighteen months since we were last there. My heart, soul and eye yearn for the beauty, sounds and people of this magical place.

Talk to everyone soon



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  1. Looking forward to your reports, Larry. I have been to Etosha Park in Namibia and just based on that experience I wish to go to Tanzania as well. You’ll whet my appetite even further! Marvin

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