Rain Forest and Galapagos

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It’s time to wake up after a long winter of hibernating in my office. My latest adventure starts on Tuesday night. Based on the title, if you guessed the Rain Forest and the Galapagos, you are correct. Have a midnight flight on Tuesday night to Guayaquil Ecuador. When Andy and myself land, we are then taking a puddle jumper to Quito. Should arrive in Quito around 9:30 AM on Wednesday morning. After spending the night in Quito and having dinner with the other members of the group, we are then driving to the Ecuadorian Rain Forest and staying in the “Mashpi Lodge”. We will be there for four days taking day and night pictures of the creatures that call the Rain Forest their home. I even had to buy an external flash due to the lack of light in the Rain Forest. Imagine the different kinds of frogs, birds, insects and other animals that we will be seeing. The Lodge is loaning us high boots to wear in the Rain Forest. Am also bringing rain coats and zip lock bags for my camera gear. You always need to be ready for the elements and not let them stop you.

On May 12, we then drive back to Quito and then fly to Guayaquil to spend the night. The following morning we then board a puddle jumper for the Galapagos. The Galapagos is about six hundred miles from Guayaquil and we did not want to waste any time getting there. We then board our own private boat and off we go. The Galapagos has always been high on my bucket list. Imagine seeing and taking pictures of the creatures that live there. The Galapagos sits right on the Equator and the sun and heat should be intense. Am bringing a large waterproof rubber bag for my camera gear, sun screen and light and loose clothes. I am also bringing a simple waterproof point and shoot camera since I intend on going snorkeling as much as I can.

Thats the basic itinerary. As always, I will be writing my daily travel blog. Stay tuned for this adventure. Should be a great one.



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