Patagonia Day 3

Hi Everyone

I need to write this blog early. More on that later. 

After writing my blog last night, at the front desk, and after having the front desk staff read it, I finally got back into my room at about 1 AM. Could hardly sleep. My wife told me that one of our dogs was very sick and almost died. I took a step back and was very upset. Thankfully she is recovering and getting better as I write. The shortness of life has become so prominent in my thoughts. Woke up at 3:15 AM and went down to the lobby for coffee and to await everyones arrival at 4 AM. We all left the hotel at 4:30 and drove about fifteen minutes to a plateau overlooking Mt. Fitz Roy. Took some lovely pictures of the sun rising and creating a bright red sky as the sky got lighter. We then turned around and took some more pictures of the light rising over Mt. Fitz Roy. At about 6:15 we packed up and drove back to the hotel for breakfast. Breakfast was very good. Fresh breads, cakes, eggs and jam fit the bill. 

At 8 AM we all left for the day. The hotel packed a bag lunch for each of us and off we went. We explored the surrounding area. First up was a beautiful waterfall. I had forgotten to bring my ND filter, but was able to create that creamy water effect by the use of my settings in an extreme mode. We drove down the road towards Chile and it seemed towards the end of the world. We entered a lush green forest. Marc told me that the trees are beech trees. They are the same trees that are very prominent in the south island of New Zealand. The forest reminded me of the rain forest in New Zealand except the trees were younger and much thinner and their trunks were not as wide and large. Marc told me that the soil has more nutrients in New Zealand and the beech trees there grow at a much more rapid rate. Moss covered rocks and branches dominated the forest. We then drove towards the end of the road and stopped at various scenes to take some beautiful pictures. We finally stopped for lunch. I decided to skip lunch. I have been taking little cat naps on the bus. Lack of sleep will do that to you. Another waterfall was particularly interesting. The water dripped over some beautiful looking moss covered rocks and flowers. I shot on my tripod for most of the day. Tripod shooting requires lots of patience and concentration. A nice break from the normal way of shooting pictures. We then arrived at a beautiful glacier lake. The lake was surround by snow capped mountains and the water was crystal clear. I am sure that these places are becoming fewer in the world. I have tried to describe the beauty that I have been privileged to witness today. That beauty cannot be described in words. I hope my pictures express the beauty that is here. It was now time to head back to the hotel. Arrived at around 3 PM and rested. 

Whats in store for tomorrow? We are all meeting at 1:30 AM for a three to four hour hike up a mountain to shoot the sunrise. We will have sherpas carrying our stuff. I know. Why do this? Why not? Get some great exercise and then see the sun rise over Patagonia. A great way to start the day. To witness the sun rising here is a show and you do not have to pay to see it. Just be there. 

Will be going to bed early and wake up around 1 AM to witness the world around me wake up for another day of being around natures work and beauty.




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