Morocco: Day 1

Hi Everyone

I have not reached out to everyone since July 11 and have really missed being on the road, writing my blogs and taking pictures in the way I want you to see them. But, I am back again. Where is this crazy guy now, how did he get there and why is he there? These are all great questions and hopefully I can try to answer them in the only way I know how to.

I am currently in Rabat Morocco with my beautiful wife, Olivia. Why go to Morocco? Morocco is one of my last countries on my tier one bucket list. We are on a two week tour starting in Rabat. Rabat is the capital. We left JFK on Friday night and flew all night. We then landed in Paris, had a four hour layover and then flew nonstop to Casablanca. Before the flight I was so hoping that the movie “Casablanca” would be one of the movies to choose from. I have only seen it over twenty times, but what a way to start our Morocco holiday. I love this movie and have practically memorized all the classic words. “Here’s looking at you kid”. Oh Bogie, how I live through him in this movie. How beautiful and exotic was Ingrid Bergman? I could go on and on. The movie was playing. How lucky I am. Put on the headsets and drifted off into the world of Casablanca in 1942.

Lets now talk about where we are going in Morocco. Rabat, Fez, the Atlas Mountains, Erfoud, a tent camp in the Sahara, Marrakesh, Casablanca and finally Essaouira. There will be plenty of stops between places. Of course, I brought my cameras. How could you go to Morocco without bringing your cameras? Its the same as saying how can you go to Morocco without going to “Ricks Bar” in Casablanca and listening to the piano player playing “As time Goes By”. I hope Sam, the original piano player in the movie, is still there. Maybe I will rent a white cocktail jacket and I will dress up as Bogie and Olivia as Ilsa.

When we landed in Casablanca we met our tour guide and most of the others on the trip. The group consists of twenty one people. The tour guide expects we will drive over fifteen hundred miles in our big bus during the two weeks. The group seems very nice and we all had dinner together. Great lamb and salads. Olivia can’t wait for breakfast.

Bring it on. I am ready to conquer Morocco. Rick and Ilsa will always be in my mind as we see and experience the wonders and beauty of this special country

Talk to everyone tomorrow



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