Mexico Day 12

Hi Everyone

We got up at 4:45 AM to meet everyone in the lobby at 5:20 AM. It sort of felt like I was on a photography trip. We got up in the dark and changed. We then walked to the lobby of Mayaland in the dark with nothing to guide us but our instincts. Our hut was far from the lobby, but we managed to find our way. 

We were met in the lobby by our tour guide and a local guide. We hiked in the dark and could not see where we were going. Suddenly the local guide flashed a light against a huge pyramid. That was the first time I had seen the pyramid of Chichen Itza. What a pyramid. So impressive. I was amazed of the size and structure. In 2008, this pyramid was named one of the seven wonders of the world and I can understand why. We walked towards the pyramid as the light started to rise over the horizon. Some other guides had made us instant coffee to wake up. I can tell you that the sight of this amazing monument was something that will stay with me for a long time. How was this structure built and who built it? The Aztecs built it around one thousand years ago. There seemed to be a spiritual presence here. Something that I had not felt since I visited the Great Walk of China in May and prior to that in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. It was like we were intruders and needed to respect what we were seeing. There was almost no one here and the strange atmosphere was very spiritual. Our guide told us some amazing things about the pyramid. How the pyramid is aligned with the four seasonal solstices. For the spring solstice, there is a large festival where people come here to absorb the energy that is transmitted by the pyramid. Over fifty thousand people came last March 21. We then walked over to another section of the site. This was a large sort of avenue with a large structure on each side. The Mayans would play their game of football here. I could imagine then playing as I took pictures of the site. I felt so lucky to be able to visit and absorb the spirituality that was here. Something that will stay with me for a long time. We then walked to another area of the site. The Mayans built a large observatory to study the stars. Our local guide explained how they used numbers and their language to tell them the various planting seasons. 

We then walked to a local cenote. You could not swim in this cenote. It was very large and probably was the main water source for this site.

It was then back to the hotel for breakfast. Our breakfast was served buffet and I greatly enjoyed eating breakfast in a rain forest. How I will miss that feeling.

I then went back to our room for a long shower and some needed rest. Olivia woke me up as I started to dose off. We packed our bags and checked out at about eleven o’clock. 

I immediately dosed off and was awoken as we pulled in for lunch. I was so tired that I hardly ate but did manage to drink two large cold cappuccinos.

It was then back onto the bus for our two hour ride to Cancun. We finally arrived and I could not believe the difference. Cancun is full of fancy shops such as Prada, Gucci and others like it. There are large hotels that are on top of each other on the Caribbean side.  We arrived at our hotel. Our hotel is all inclusive and does not fit the age of our group nor the theme of our tour. It seems as if we are on a large cruise ship that is going no where. 

We all met for a farewell dinner and to reminisce about the highlights of our trip. We will miss all of our new found friends. 

Now to recap. It first we were very hesitant going on this trip. Mexico has such a bad image in America. When someone heard that we were going to Mexico, they would ask us why? I am so happy we did this trip. We never felt as if we were in trouble no matter where we went. The people were so friendly. They love to enjoy life and party. From spending three days in Mexico City with our dear and loving friends, Moises and Sandra, to all the other places we visited. Mexico City was amazing. From the old section to the floating gardens and more. Seeing Diego Rivera’s murals and the beauty of them. Then onto Puebla and it’s beauty. Visiting a real coffee plantation and seeing something from the past. Then to Veracruz and to Campeche. How beautiful Campeche was. Merida and the people partying in the streets all night. The henequen plantation and seeing a life that does not exist anymore. Jumping into two cenotes. Something I had always wanted to do. Finally to the magnificent ruins of El Balam and Chichen Itza and their spirituality. I could go on and on. Each and every place was magnificent in its own way. Mexico is a place that everyone should visit and enjoy. The real Mexico is waiting to show everyone its beauty. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed this trip. We certainly have. 

To the next time. Life is precious. Enjoy


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  1. Thanks again for sharing your travels, Larry!

    FYI – I took the Muench Antarctica trip armed with the knowledge gained from reading about your experience on your blog. Wonderful trip! Fortunately we did not have any significant issues with the Dreake Passage. Relatively smooth (some called it “Drake Lake” on the way home!!!


    1. Hi Marvin

      I am so happy you had a great trip to Antartica. Especially glad you did not experience the Drake.

      Lets always stay in touch


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