Mexico Day 1

Hi Everyone

Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone. Its been two months since our last visit and I hope everyone is well. I have missed our talks and am looking forward reconnecting with everyone.

So where am I now? Am currently in Mexico City. My beautiful wife and myself arrived her about three hours ago from New York. I can tell you that immigration and customs was very easy and efficient. Many countries should learn from the Mexican system. We are spending three days in Mexico City and then visiting the Yucatan Peninsula and all the Mayan ruins. Should make for some great pictures and experiences, but first Mexico City.

We are on a small group tour of fifteen people. When I visited Patagonia and Antartica, last year, I spent almost all my time with a beautiful and fun loving couple from Mexico City. Their names are Moises and Sandra. Had a great time with them. When I emailed them and told them that we would like to have dinner with them on Sunday night, they insisted that we leave the group and that they would show us the real Mexico City. We are leaving Mexico City on Monday morning for Puebla. We decided to take them up on their offer and they are picking us up tonight to start our tour with a great dinner. What a way to see and experience Mexico City. We are so lucky.

Our hotel is a five star hotel. On the drive from the airport to our hotel, I expected to see lots of slums. I was pleasantly surprised. The apartment houses, streets and parks were very clean and orderly. Olivia informed me that the air quality is poor. Mexico City is 8000 feet up and very populated.

Hope everyone enjoyed my Morocco pictures and the Kalahari Stars that were recently published.

Looking forward to reconnecting, writing and taking pictures.

Talk to everyone tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Mexico Day 1”

  1. ENJOY Mexico City – the Food offerings are excellent!
    Happy to read about your very local guides!
    I agree with your immigration efficiency experience- even though using another passport than yours at the times I commuted to Mexico City from Denver.

  2. Enjoy you guys ! I’ve never been but I live vicariously through you and Olivia. Can’t wait for the pics !

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