Kamchatka Day 14

Hi Everyone

It seems like I have been in Kamchatka for much longer than two weeks. Trips of this length tend to cause you to loose track of time. Time does not mean anything. If you spend more time somewhere it doesn’t matter and when your meals are served is not important.

Breakfast was served at 8. I did not have a good rest last night. Kept on waking up and trying to stay warm. I have become tired of sleeping on the ground. My trusted bathroom bottle has served me well throughout the various camps. I would highly recommend them if and when you are crazy enough to camp out.

Natalia made an extraordinary final breakfast. Her porridge was made with small pieces of dried apricot. I will miss her porridge. All the others were going on a final hike to see if there was an ice Cave in the vicinity and even if there was, it may not be safe to enter. I decided to not do the hike. My legs and shoulders are crying out for relief. I will be waiting for everyone else to return in the Kamaz.

Our return trip to the hotel will take approximately three hours and then we will spend it there for the last nights of this journey.

We arrived at the hotel at about 3 PM. Had lunch and we all decided to chill out and do nothing. I spent some time on the internet and then took a great swim in the natural hot springs pool. The water was so soothing to my aching body. Then I took a long hot shower and felt refreshed. How beautiful a normal bathroom is. We take so much for granted.

Dinner was at 9 in the hotel restaurant. I am starting to miss Natalia’s cooking.

We are going on a boat ride tomorrow and then a farewell dinner.


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  1. Did you find a nice cottage, yet, so you settle down in Siberia? WTF is porridge. Sounds like you invited the bears to dinner.
    PS you ready for some dance photography?

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