HI Everyone

Hope all is well. I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year as we start a new decade. The key word is healthy. Thank you for following and supporting me on my adventures around the world.

Soon you will be receiving notifications that four new albums have been posted. The albums are named Katavi, Mahale, Selous and Serengeti. Those are the four areas I visited on my last trip to Tanzania.

The albums will be gradually posted over a period of a few days.



7 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. Happy New Year Hope your year is filled with exciting travel to marvelous places and that our paths may cross in 2020.
    We are currently dealing with some medical issues and hope they resolve early this year. Then we will get back to the photo journeys.
    Stay in touch . Love the blogs.

  2. Best wishes to you Larry, on your travels – and thanks for providing me with vicarious travel through your blogs!


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