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Hope everyone loves my new website. I have come a long way. My original travel blog started in 2006 with about ten people. I currently have over 150 participants. Just got back from my favorite Starbucks in Briarcliff. Recently I have been having my second cup of coffee there with yogurt. I sit and watch people come in, always in a rush, and constantly texting. I guess this is the America of today. Remember when none of us had cellphones? I have been to countries where drinking coffee is a pleasant and relaxing time. Coffee is never served in take out cups and plastic. We all need to slow down and enjoy the ride. We all start and finish in the same place. Life is about the journey, family and the legacy you leave.

Speaking about the journey. My latest journey starts on Tuesday morning. Am flying on China Southern Airlines to Guangzhou wherever that is. Take a connecting flight to Siem Reap Cambodia. Most of you know that I have traveled to Cambodia in the past. Started going in 2006. This will be my eight trip. I can thank Daniela Papi for the affection that I have developed for the Cambodian people. I tell people I travel there to cleanse my soul and spirit. It has been eighteen months since I last visited, and miss them. Some of me was probably buddhist in a prior life. Will be spending my time with the staff of a local Cambodian charity named Pepy Empowering Youth. Check out their website. Also, will be with the group of scholarship students who are currently with the Pepy program. Some of the activities we will be doing is teaching the staff and students about photography, visiting some of the scholarship students families and taking the scholarship students on an all day field trip. Will be leaving Siem Reap on October 2 and travel to Ulan Bator Mongolia. Spending two weeks in Mongolia taking pictures and re bonding with two of my photography mentors, Andy Williams and Kevin Pepper. I have learned so much from Andy. He is always patient. Most of my time in Mongolia will be traveling in the way I like to travel. No five star hotels nor western bathrooms. Living in Get Camps in Get tents. More on Mongolia later, but I will see and experience things that will last a lifetime.

Packing will be difficult. Cambodia will be HOT. Olivia called it “Africa Hot”. Mongolia will be much cooler.

A few notes on my website. I want to thank Rebecca Berman for the great work she did and can highly recommend her. We have also posted some prior photo albums on the website. Northern Italy, the Yukon, Summer of 2017 has been added along with my last trip to the Palouse.

Talk to everyone from Cambodia






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