Arusha Day 1

Hi Everyone

We left our house at 5:30 AM for a 9:45 AM flight from JFK to Doha Qatar and then a connecting flight to Kilimanjaro.

Our JFK flight left promptly on time. Travel time nonstop to Doha is twelve hours with an eight hour time difference. After constantly being fed and watching movie upon movie, we arrived in Doha at six AM their time. The airport is so clean and all the retail stores are very high end. Saw some people wearing face masks and then boarded the second leg for a take off time of eight.

After being fed again and again, we finally arrived In Kilimanjaro at two PM. We all formed a long line and one of the airport staff pointed a gun at each of our heads to see if we had temperature. This flight had more than a few Orientals wearing face masks.

I had gotten our visas online before we left hoping that we could enter the country smoothly. Was I wrong. The line to go through immigration was long and slow. Olivia loved the heat as sweat started to pour off. We finally got through immigration and picked up our waiting luggage. We packed light since you never take lots of clothes on safari. Your laundry is always done in the Camps and the vehicles are not large enough to carry large pieces of luggage.

We met two other couples and our guides. A nice small group and our guide was so friendly and full of enthusiasm. It then took us about one hour to get to our hotel. We are only staying here one night and then it’s onto a National Park named “Tarangire”. On the way to the hotel we drove by some small villages and saw people shopping and doing what they normally do. Some of the women were dressed in beautiful colorful African style dresses. I wish I had my cameras out. Oh well it will have to wait

Our hotel is named “The African Tulip” and the decor is very African. We then checked in at about six and took long hot showers. Dinner was served at seven. Olivia had the King Fish and I had the beef stew cooked with bananas. Both dishes were very tasty.

We are both so tired from this exhausting trip here, but I know it will be well worth it. We leave at eight tomorrow for Tarangire and our first Camp. I need to now close my eyes and get some well earned sleep.

Just as a side note, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea before we left. I have a mild case, but still need to attach a CPAP machine when I sleep. So besides packing a miniature camera and electronics store, I also need to travel with a CPAP machine from now on. Also bought a large lithium battery to plug into the CPAP when electricity is not available. Fortunately, the machine can be carried in a small carry on case with all the accessories and is not counted as one of your carry ons. The joys and challenges of getting older will not make me change the way I want to lead this last segment of my life.

Before I say goodnight, I tried to publish this blog to everyone with no success. Most of you know that I will still be writing every day, but will publish one per day when I return home


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  1. Thanks, Larry.. and remember … the best camera in the world is the one you have with you. And that includes that smart phone in your pocket. They make great images (albeit less data) and are usually always with you!

    have a great trip!!!


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