Uganda Day 16

Hi Everyone

What a travel day. The bush flight was only about thirty minutes. Short and quick, at least I thought. We boarded our vehicles for a ninety minute drive to Primate Lodge. 

The countryside and seeing the way the people lived and went about their day was an eye opener. The landscape was mostly agricultural and we passed by large fields of tea, coffee, beans and banana trees. When we drove over local rivers and streams, I noticed that there were women washing their clothes and many people and children were carrying large rubber water containers. Our driver, Marc, told us that almost all the people had no running water in their homes and they had to go to the closest water supply to fill up. He also informed me that we were in a high malaria zone. The government has given out mosquito nets, but people tend to not use them. 

After driving over some of harshest dirt roads I had ever driven on, we finally entered a Park.  It seemed like every half mile, there were large groups of baboons watching us from the side of the road.  We finally arrived at our Lodge and it was appropriately named “Primate Lodge.”  We were met by the staff with refreshments and moist towels.   My permanent hut was a short distance from the bar and dining area. Consisted of a large bed with a mosquito net and private bathroom. 

After lunch was a time for resting and doing some photo editing. I do not do much post editing in the field and know that the harder the photography, such as the Mountain Gorillas, normally requires much more editing than I normally would do. It also requires me to experiment with various post editing tools. This sort of work is very tedious and requires much more time.  I already know that I will spend lots of time, on my IMAC desktop, studying and working on some of these pictures.