Tanzania Day 16

Hi Everyone

The bug situation last night was fierce. It seemed like many of the smaller insects have gone right through my mosquito net. I slept sporadically and finally stopped the charade at 4:30. My coffee arrived at five and I went to meet our vehicles at six. I have gotten so many bug bites around my angles that some of them have started to bleed. I think I got bitten by some more Tsetse flys as well. The difference is the Tsetse fly bites burn and itch for much longer.

At six we departed for the morning drive. We went far from the Camp. Passed numerous giraffes and was constantly looking out for lions and leopards. We saw a herd of Wildebeest grazing. They are very shy animals and as soon as they see you will normally run away. I set my Sony on fast speed and was able to capture some images of the Wildebeest in motion. We then drove up and down ravines and through the grasslands. Came upon warthogs, impalas, giraffes and other assorted wildlife, but no lions or leopards. Our vehicle was then called to breakfast. Members of the Camp staff had set up a long table and fire to cook us our breakfast. What a feast. Hot coffee, juice, eggs, bacon, sausage and crepes all made over an open flame in the Bush.

After breakfast it started to rain and got harder as we drove towards Camp. The Land Rover was slipping and sliding over the muddy road. We finally made it back to Camp at twelve. I yearned for a long shower and hopped right in.

Lunch was another great meal. Bush pizza and salad. Will never get tired of Bush pizza.

I went back to my room and fell asleep. Woke up about thirty minutes later and saw a monkey looking through some of my stuff I had left on the floor. Forgot to monkey proof everything.

Had another Lightroom session with Will. He is such an amazing teacher and the knowledge and that he has I hope to gain one day.

Sean called off the afternoon boat ride and drive. The rain has not stopped and we all need the mopping and quiet time.

Our final dinner was amazing. A great barbecue with Swahili side dishes. After dessert some of the staff sang Swahili songs and danced.

The game plan for tomorrow is as follows. Wake up at five and pack. We then take a boat ride at six and come back to the Camp by eight. Eat breakfast and be out of our rooms by nine. We have a fifty minute flight to Dar es Salam. We have Day rooms near the airport since our flight is at midnight to Amsterdam. I then have a two hour layover in Amsterdam and then it’s onto JFK. Arrive around noon time.

Am writing this blog laying in bed with a fan blowing on me. I hear the hippos and the bugs seem to have subsided. The bug situation could not have gotten worse than last night. Imagine trying to sleep in a bed with beetles falling down from the canopy of the bed and little flying bugs crawling all around you.

I will wrap up the trip tomorrow night on the plane and tell everyone about our next adventure