Tanzania Day 11

Hi Everyone

Woke up in the middle of the night with a bad headache. Took some pills and then was woken up by a staff member bringing me my cup of coffee at 6:30. Sat around mopping and then dressed for our morning trek.

We had breakfast at 7:30 and were all ready to go at a moments notice. The trackers sent back messages telling us the chimps were high up on the mountain and in a difficult place to reach. It is now eleven and still no word to leave. While waiting I had a nice conversation with the main guide talking about mine and my wife’s travels and his life in Tanzania. He was born in the local village and started as a porter, then a tracker and now the head guide. He knows the names of the chimps, their individual characteristics and tendencies.

Am now back in my hut waiting for the call to get up and go. We are on standby until around 4 PM. Hope we get the call. The guides are hopeful since the place where the chimps are now does not have enough food and they will need to move.

The Camp has a very nice gift shop of all local items and items made by the disabled and needy in Tanzania. I bought some jewelry and gifts for the grandchildren. Both Olivia and myself like to do this to support needy people. I always use the local laundry service wherever I travel. This is another way to support the local people.

During breakfast, I asked the group some important question. What day of the week is it? When you travel to remote and far places you tend to loose your track of time. Also, the lack of internet and cell phone service sort of puts you in a state of suspended animation and feeling that days blend into one another.

We had lunch and were told that the chimps were in a very difficult place to get to and the trackers were still up there. By three the possible trek and search was called off. No chimps today. Am going on a boat ride to the middle of Lake Tanganyika to go swimming at 4:30. The temperature of the lake is around 75. When will I ever get another chance to swim in Lake Tanganyika. Why not experience all that this beautiful, large and remote lake has to offer? I walked back to my hut and fell asleep again. Two naps in one day. I needed this day of nothing to recharge.

Half the the group left the Camp at four for an afternoon trek through the jungle. Myself, Sean, Cat and Joann boarded an old boat with a canopy for swimming. We got out towards the middle of the Lake and we all jumped in. It was so refreshing. My core body temperature immediately fell and I felt so refreshed. I was thrown a tube and given a Kilimanjaro to drink. What is a Kilimanjaro? It is local Tanzanian beer that is quite good. There is no sugar added.

Dinner is at eight. Hope we get the Chimps tomorrow. I am ready, willing and able.