Kenya Day 6

Hi Everyone

What an amazing morning. We drove back to see the large flock of flamingoes and arrived just as the light began to change their colors. The reflections off of the water was something to see as multiple flamingoes were reflected. It is so difficult to take pictures in the morning light, but it gets easier as the sun rises. You constantly have to adjust your settings to try and not create lots of noise or graininess in your photos. 

We then drove down the road and spotted a herd of elephants. The smallest baby I had ever seen was being protected by the larger ones. What a sight. I Love to use the larger ones as sort of framing around the babies. Elephants are great subjects and their skin has such great patterns and creases. 

We pulled over for breakfast and just as I was having coffee, one of our guides spotted a cheetah and it appeared to be stalking something. We immediately stopped and boarded our vehicles. We were able to spot the Cheetah and get up close to watch her stalk. We then needed to back off and see if she would try to hunt down anything. When you are waiting for a kill, you have to be quiet and try not to let the creature notice you. Then the waiting game began. After an hour, the Cheetah had not done anything to make us suspect the kill was at hand and we decided to go back to Camp. 

When I arrived at my tent a group of baboons were waiting to greet me.  Fortunately They had not broken in and when they saw me, took off. A quick nap was next on my schedule and then downloading and some writing. I could get used to this routine very quickly. 

Our afternoon drive was quite interesting. We spotted a who group of African White Pelicans. They are huge and got some great shots of them. We then spotted the Cheetah we had faithfully waited for a kill in the morning. She was walking along the plains and minding her own business. Two impalas seemed to lag behind her and followed her until she left their territory. Not much else to reports, but we are having a special day tomorrow. Stay tuned