Kenya Day 4

Hi Everyone

Did not sleep much last night. Was so excited waiting for the morning game drive and kept tossing and turning. Will Africa reward me for an eight time and unveil her raw beauty to me? Hot strong local coffee was delivered at 5 AM and I met the group at 5:45 to board our vehicles and go back to the flamingoes to capture the sunrise. We arrived before sunrise and waited for the sun to peak its flaming color over the horizon. When the sun made its presence felt, the flamingoes looked pink and then as more light arrived, their color started to change to white. I noticed some other birds starring into the sun to probably warm themselves. Imagine witnessing earth wake up every day like this?

Our drivers then started to drive looking for other inhabitants. We came across a small herd of elephants with two babies. Elephants have a matriarch society and the largest female leads the herd. The other females take care of the young, even if they are not the mothers. The males leave the herd after about twelve years to lead a solitary life or join a male only herd.

Jonah, our driver, then took us to a small forest like area. As we entered I commented that this seems like a good place for lions. I was right. Two males walked right by our vehicle as the baboons tried to scare them off by screaming. Jonah then noticed a female and her two cubs coming back from a small lake. How he saw them was a mystery to me. I would have never spotted them. We then drove over some dry and hard surface until we spotted them. The mother was leading the cubs and they had to run hard to keep up with her. What a special moment.

It was now time for breakfast. Our two drivers found a shady spot and we pulled over for some coffee and snacks. It was then back on the trail and we then almost drove into a large herd of elephants. Jonah managed to constantly present us with different angles. I couldn’t stop clicking.

Africa rewarded me once gain and she has never let me down and we still have an afternoon drive before calling it a day.

Our afternoon drive started off uneventful. We drove and drove, but it seemed like the wildlife had all taken a long siesta and were nowhere to be found. Just as I was ready to admit that Africa would not show me any of its beauty this afternoon, it happened. We drove up to a group of trees and there it was starring back. The one

creature I have searched for and Africa has not relented is the “Eagle Owl.” They are only found in sub-Saharan Africa and are the largest of the African owls. One was starring back at me and in full sight. I grabbed my camera and had a wonderful time documenting my find. Africa had not let me down.

Onto another day and a five AM wake up