Kenya Day 2

Hi everyone
It’s Saturday in Nairobi. I had forgotten what it was like to take a fourteen hour nonstop flight. I did an upgrade to business class so that my leg could have more room. The surgeon advised me to wear compression socks and get up and walk every hour due to a greater chance of developing a blood clot. Needless to say, sleep was not in the cards.

I am traveling with another member of our group. She lives in the DC area and flew into JFK to pick up the flight. Two days before my flight, I was tested for Covid and registered the results on the Kenyan Dept of Health and Global Traveler websites. I printed out scanning codes and was all set. When we arrived at the Covid checkpoint, they were only concerned if we were vaccinated. I showed them my vaccination card and we quickly passed through. Now it was onto immigration and then our luggage. My luggage showed up quickly and then we waited for the other persons luggage, but it never arrived. I felt so sorry for Karen. Imagine starting a nineteen day trip without any clothes? Kenya Airways told her the suitcase was lost and they did not know when it would arrive. We decided for the driver to take us shopping before checking in. This was a nice way to see some of Nairobi. Lots of traffic, people selling everything on the street and even baboons watching the show. Joseph, our driver, told us that baboons are great thief’s and will steal whatever they can. The sun is quite intense and the temperature is around 80 F with little humidity.

I relented and took a two hour nap with the A/C on high and wrapped in a big blanket. Went down for some African coffee and got recharged. How I love the aroma and strength of this coffee. Will be bringing back some for myself and children.

Dinner was awesome. I had the Nile Perch grilled and it was tasty and juicy. Time now to chill out and shift over to Africa time. Eight hours ahead of New York.The adventure starts tomorrow. Bring it on.