Antartica Day 8

Hi Everyone
Have spent the last twenty four hours in a washing machine? What? How did that happen? Let me tell you.
After leaving Deception Island and writing my blog, I crawled up to my room and immediately fell asleep. Got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but could not get out of bed. The Drake kept on throwing me back into bed. I tried and tried but just gave up. No sense in fighting the Drake. He always wins. Trust me. At about 6:30 I finally said to myself “Do you want to do your thing in bed?” You have to get up and fight  the two steps to the bathroom. One of the most difficult and physical things I have ever had to do, but did it. Did my thing and then went back to sleep. I need sleep and some serious moping. At 7:30 the announcement came that breakfast would be tried to be served at 8. What do you mean tried to be served? It is not easy serving and eating breakfast in a washing machine. Do not try it. After a breakfast that had more dishes and food on the floor than on our dishes, we were then confined back to our rooms. I tried to read, but that was useless. Decided that I needed to fall back to sleep and did. Woke up at 11 AM and felt very wobbly and sea sick. I know why. Forgot to take my twelve hour sea sickness pills I was given at dinner last night. Immediately took them with my muscle back pills and just laid in bed thinking “Why did I get myself into this?” 
At 12:30, the crew decided to try serving lunch. Another disaster. The boat feels like a roller coaster that never stops. Have you ever gotten on a ride in an amusement park that is a big boat that rocks back and forth? That ride eventually stops. This ship never stops. I went back up into my room and everything was thrown all around. Luckily I had put my cameras, lenses and computers on the floor wrapped in my clothing. I sort of hoped I had done this to myself. I can never describe the ship ride back through the Drake. Don’t do it. 
For the rest of the day we just stayed in our rooms and tried to hide. Useless. I saw Monica, the ships captain. She has been doing these crossings for over twenty years. I asked her how this crossing would rate. She told me that on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, this crossing would rate a strong 8 1/2 to 9. The waves hit the windows on the middle deck. Some water has gotten into some of the lower cabins. I hope the ship dies not sink. I wrote Olivia an email last n night, telling her I loved her and if she does not hear from me in twenty four hours, to send a rescue party. I also told her she can have everything. Is this the end? 
Dinner was another disaster. In the middle of eating, all the dishes and water came sliding down the table and off. Stay away from eating in a washing machine. Does not work. 
It is now 10 PM and the boat is still rocking and rolling. When will this stop or am I back in the Twilight Zone and will wake up back in my bed in Ossining.